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Friday, October 12, 2012

Grocery Shopping on a Budget

So...I went to the grocery store today with list in hand and a goal to spend no more than $100. I spent $101.17. I did stick to my list so I was disappointed to go over. However, when I did the math, I felt a little better.

     $101.17/7 days = $14.45 per day
     $14.45/4 = $3.61 per day per person
     $3.61/3 = $1.20 per meal per person

Not bad. Not bad at all. And truly, it's less than that because I also purchased some staples (such as flour and sugar). I bought quite a bit of fresh produce, and in the meat department I bought a pound of ground beef, two packs of chicken breasts, and a roast. I think we are eating pretty darn good for $1.20 per meal. (Also, I often feed 5-6 instead of four, so the cost would be less.)

Breakfasts this week will include oatmeal and cinnamon apples; toasted bagel sandwiches (with egg & cheese); grits & scrambled eggs; and cereal is always an option.

For lunches we have deli meats & cheeses for sandwiches and some leftover homemade tortillas, taco meat filling, and black beans & rice.

We have fresh fruit, yogurt, crackers & cheese for snacks.

Our dinner menu for the week:

Friday: homemade chicken salad on homemade honey wheat bread, chicken & wild rice soup

Saturday: grilled burgers & hot dogs (Applegate Farms - yum!); homemade hamburger buns; homemade baked beans; homemade fries

Sunday: a day of rest - we'll have leftovers

Monday: white bean, carrot, & kale soup; cornbread (yes, homemade as well)

Tuesday: grilled chicken, penne pasta with sun-dried tomato Alfredo sauce (homemade sauce - a new recipe I'm trying), salad, fresh bread or rolls (It will be time to make sourdough bread!)

Wednesday: roast & veggies (in the crock pot); rice & gravy; baby lima beans; corn on the cob; biscuits

Thursday: leftovers

Thursday is menu planning day and Friday is shopping day for the following week. Yay. (Not! I do NOT enjoy grocery shopping!)

If you notice the word "homemade" occurring a lot, it's because I am trying to do more from scratch cooking and eliminate processed foods from our house. As I use things in my pantry, they are either not being replaced or being replaced with whole and/or homemade goods. A little more work for me, but the taste difference is pretty awesome! Plus...I'm slaving in the kitchen for the family; maybe they will notice and there will be perks for me! :)

I just took the honey wheat bread out of the oven a few minutes ago and it's calling my name. Y'all have a great week!

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